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  • Fimar 16″ Dough Roller With Adjustable Rolling Height


    Speed ​​up your rolling season with Fimar’s powerful and easy-to-use Italian rolling . The double-roller design processes the dough quickly and takes much less time compared to manual rolls. Fimar is also very consistent and keeps the dough at the perfect thickness, whether you’re baking bread or pizza.It comes with a plexiglass protection for your safety.

  • Fimar 12″ Dough Roller With Adjustable Rolling Height


    Speed ​​up your rolling season with Fimar’s powerful and easy-to-use Italian rolling . The double-roller design processes the dough quickly and takes much less time compared to manual rolls. Fimar is also very consistent and keeps the dough at the perfect thickness, whether you’re baking bread or pizza.It comes with a plexiglass protection for your…