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18” Non stick Coated pizza pan 1.5″ DEEP


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Product Description

Cook up the perfect 18″ Chicago-style deep pan pizzas with this Non stick quoted pizza pan – the perfect pan for consistent, repeatable results every time.

Made from a highly durable Metal, the pan is specifically designed to be non-stick after seasoning, so it’s easy to slip pizzas out of the pan once they’re cooked. The pan is highly versatile and can be used in most ovens, including traditional deck ovens and conveyor ovens – the Metal effectively distributes heat across the base in any oven. This means perfectly cooked pizzas every time – whether you’re cooking pizzas using fresh or par-baked dough.

Product Feature

Dimensions 40(H) x 460(Ø)mm
Material Black iron with quoted paint
Weight 720g
Suitable for deck and conveyor ovens.
Suitable for both fresh dough and par-baked bases
Must be seasoned before use
Carbon steel aids even heat distribution – prevents hot spots and burns
1.5″ depth – ideal for Chicago-style deep pan pizzas
Suitable for use in traditional deck and conveyor ovens

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